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Let the professionals build your website

Why build with WIXER

The process of building a website involves many actions that can lead you to success.

In WIXER, each website is built by professionals in the areas of characterization, design and application.

Characterization and design are customized to your website at the level of image and marketing, including full compatibility to mobile platforms and optimization for search engines.

WIXER is THE answer to creating the perfect user experience.

The building process on WIXER

The phase of the web-site fine tuning, elements' arrangement and content insertion, is preformed gradually, step by step, according to the instructions and the initial characterization.

In the application phase, we will adjust the necessary additives and developments, according to the customer's needs, and will perform changes and modification as needed.

Arranging widgets & elements

Inserting content

Compatibility with search engines

Arrangement of media files

General testing

Customer training

With the help of professional designers in the fields of graphics and design, your websites visibility will constantly be inviting and professional, and your clients will enjoy and pleasantly surf your website. You, as the business owner, will be proud of your website and will enjoy sharing it and marketing it with ease. There’s no reason to rely on a fixed and boring design! The possibilities are beyond anything you could ever imagine.

Color management

Fonts selection

Choosing the right pattern

Creating the websites graphics

Elements arrangement

All the rest …

As part of the initial stage of building a website, we at WIXER will thoroughly study your business’s niche and your clientele, in order to correctly characterize and adjust the website to the business’s image. With our knowledge on web users’ behavior and building, our knowledge in building the design and application, you will get a website that bonds all of those aspects in a high quality and professional manner.

Studying the business

Recruiting ideas

Niche research

Messages transmission plan

selecting a site structure

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