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WIXER will make you fall in love with your site
Surfing convenience | Functionality | Influence
שירותי וויקסר
WIXER's services

WIXER offers its customers a complementary service – a professional logo design by our design experts, who will accompany you in the process of figuring out the marketing concept behind the creation of the perfect logo for your business.

Annual support


An annual subscription for personal support on WIX system, for WIXERs customers only

Peace of mind for a whole year! We are here for any question, any malfunction, any modification.

You got into trouble, you’ve made a modification and don’t know how did the site went out of hand? It happens… Don’t lose it! We are here to bring order to the chaos.

A human response within 24 hours

So you’ll know we will always protect you.

In Wixer
 Why WIX? 

V A full compliance with search engines (SEO)

V Data connection to google analytics

V The highest level of security

V An easy and dynamic management system

V An elements dragging screen on the websites monitor

V Fast and efficient website building process

V An overall marketing system which includes distribution of emails

V A price that any business can afford

V WIX is a large renowned company

V A variety of options you can add to your website without extra charge.

V Over 70,000,000 satisfied customers

V Innovative technology

V Flexibility in dealing with changes

V Full tablets and cellphones support

V The website develops with every development of  WIX system

V A full interface with social media

With The Professionals Of WiXer
The sky's the limit!
Construction speed and quality can go together ...

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טל משרד:         04-6954120

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